Builders' Café Webinar Series - PI Integration 101

Video created by xwang Employee on Jun 6, 2014

    This is the recording for the vCampus-exclusive webinar titled "PI Integration 101" (part of the "Builders' Café" webinar series). This was held on November 25th, 2009.


    This webinar covers three different scenarios of integrating various PI technologies into the Microsoft products/platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 and Microsoft Office products. It is meant for those who are not familiar with the integration of PI technologies with the Microsoft platform and provides a good overview of the main components and concepts and how they fit together with the focus on


      • PI ProcessBook and the RtGraphic web par
      • PI DataLink and PI DataLink for Excel Services (DLES)
      • OSIsoft - Microsoft Accelerators


    At the end we had a Questions and Answers (Q&A) session in which we answered a few interesting questions.


    Slides: [2009-11-25] - Builders' Café Webinar Series - PI Integration 101.pdf