Builders' Café Webinar Series - Programming with Event Frames

Video created by xwang Employee on Jun 6, 2014

    This is the recording for the vCampus-exclusive webinar titled "Programming with Event Frames" (part of the "Builders' Café" webinar series). This was held on December 16th, 2009.


    This webinar will cover the basics of programming with Event Frames - a brand new product unveiled at the OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2009 event .


    Event Frames is a new framework within AF that aids in identifying, storing, organizing and tracking these "time/event frames" (e.g. downtimes, excursions, batches, etc.) and relating them to the process data. Event Frames is not yet released as a product; it is available for development efforts as a Community Technology Preview (CTP) on OSIsoft vCampus.


    In this webinar we covered tasks like programmatically creating, managing, and searching for these event frames.


    The webinar concluded with a great Question and Answers (Q&A) session where the lead developer and the product manager answered really interesting questions from the attendance.


    Speakers were:



    Slides: [2009-12-16] - Builders Café Webinar Series - Programming with Event Frames.pdf