Builders' Café Webinar Series - PI System 101 What makes time-series data and PI special

Video created by gregor on Jun 6, 2014

    This webinar presents the PI System from a different angle. Jay and Andreas focus on data flow, data structures and peculiarities of "time-series data". They intend to demystify the concepts that make time-series data and the PI System distinctive. This is particularly useful to those developers and integrators not directly involved in installing/administering the PI System.

    Have you ever heard of the exception algorithm? The swinging door algorithm? Did you know that "now" may not exactly be "now"? Those are some of the intriguing topics we covered.

    Attend this webinar if you want the PI System to be something more than just that black box with which you exchange data. Already familiar with the PI System? This can be a good refresher—it may even fill in a few pieces on your data puzzle.

    Also, Jay and Andreas know many of you need data for testing... as an extra benefit, we give you some tips on how to generate massive amounts of test data in your PI System.



    Download the presentation (PDF)

    Download the Sample source code (ZIP)