Builders' Café Webinar Series - What's New in PI SDK 2010 CTP

Video created by gregor on Jun 6, 2014

    This is the recording for the vCampus-exclusive webinar titled "What's New in PI SDK 2010 CTP" (part of the "Builders' Café" webinar series) that was held on October 27th, 2010.

    The Community Technology Preview (CTP) of PI SDK 2010 is now available in the OSIsoft vCampus Download Center.  This major release includes two key features known as PI SDK Buffering and Fanning, which enable custom PI SDK-based applications to write data to PI, similar to PI API-based PI Interfaces.  Note that it also enables PI OLEDB-, PI JDBC-, and PI Web Services-based applications to buffer and fan data (since these PI Data Access products all communicate to PI through the PI SDK).

    In this vCampus webinar, we will present the features and benefits of PI SDK 2010, as well as demonstrate the functionality of PI SDK Buffering and Fanning using PI Clients and PI Data Access products.



    Download the presentation (PDF)