Builders' Café Webinar Series: PI Event Frames - Find your data by events

Video created by Marcos Vainer Loeff Employee on Jun 9, 2014

    This is the recording for the vCampus-exclusive webinar titled "PI Event Frames - Find your data by events" (part of the "Builders' Café" webinar series) that was held on April 27th, 2011.

    PI Event Frames is a new capability of the PI System planned for release later this year. An Event Frame is a new data type that stores an event?s start and end times along with other related data that you can define.

    During this webinar, we show you how PI Event Frames lets you look up process data relevant to your important events. The initial release delivers an infrastructure for developing applications and provides the basis for future PI Event Frames functionality throughout the PI System.

    Finally, we present the roadmap ahead for PI Event Frames features throughout the PI System. This includes the roadmap for how the PI Batch products will transition to the Event Frames infrastructure.



    Please find here the recording of the previous vCampus-exclusive webinar about PI Event Frames titled "Programming with Event Frames", held on December 16th, 2009.

    Slides:2011-04-27 - Builders' Café Webinar Series - PI Event Frames - Find your data by events.pdf