Builders' Café Webinar Series - Programming .NET Add-Ins for PI ProcessBook

Video created by gregor on Jun 21, 2016

    We are re-publishing this webinar recording on request. The webinar was held on February 2009 and we would really prefer offering something more recent but found all published content on the subject being of about the same age.

    We consider this recording kind of old but the principles of creating a .NET add-in for ProcessBook should be the same. The content however becomes published as is with no warranty.



    • Intro
    • PI ProcessBook and its "programming hooks"
    • Using Visual Studio to create an add-in
    • Templates to make it even easier
    • Packaging and Deploying the Add-In
    • Conclusion and Q&A


    • Steve Pilon, vCampus Team Member
    • Laurie Dieffenbach, Product Manager at OSIsoft
    • Eugene Resnick, Development Lead for PI Clients
    • John Sintilas, Senior Developer on the PI Clients team