PI Developers Club Webinar Series: Extending PI Visualization - how PI Coresight 2016 empowers you!

Video created by asorokina Employee on Jun 29, 2016

    This is the recording of the PI Developers Club webinar "Extending PI Visualization - how PI Coresight 2016 empowers you!" held on June 29th, 2016


    This webinar showcased a new feature of the PI Coresight 2016, the Extensibility Framework. This functionality enables the development of custom Symbols for use in Coresight displays.




    The slide deck for this webinar can be found here: PI Developers Club Webinar Series - Extending PI Visualization - how PI Coresight 2016 empowers you.pdf



    • GitHub repository with the source code presented during the webinar:

              GitHub - osisoft/PI-Coresight-Custom-Symbols: Learn how to add a custom symbol, created with JavaScript and HTML, to PI …

    • Extensibility Documentation:



    Q&A transcript


    @ 40:55

    Q1: How did the (custom symbol) icon make it to the toolbar?

    A1: Coresight does this automagically. By default it uses the toolbox icon like on the image below.

    This default setting can be changed in the iconUrl parameter.


    @ 41:45

    Q2: Can you explain how I could add data from external sources?  Say I needed to get data from an external REST service.

    A2: A great thing about the new PI Coresight extensibility framework feature is that anything you can do in JavaScript, you can do inside the custom Coresight symbols.

    For example, you can submit HTTP requests to a REST service endpoint by using AngularJS' $http directive or jQuery's $.ajax.



    @ 42:40

    Q3: How can we include external JavaScript libraries? For example, HighCharts.

    A3: PI Coresight will automatically load all the external library files from the INSTALLATION_FOLDER\Scripts\app\editor\symbols\ext\libraries directory on IIS reset.

    Examples of using of HighCharts and D3 libraries in Coresight can be found in the OSIsoft GitHub repository, https://github.com/osisoft/PI-Coresight-Custom-Symbols.


    @ 45:12

    Q4: Do we have any documentation available already on today's topic? Will the recording be available later?

    A4: Yes and yes! The documentation is available here:


    We also have several examples in our GitHub repository here:



    @ 46:25

    Q5: Can I upload my ProcessBook (display) to the new Coresight and then modify it with the new tools?

    A5: Currently, you can only view PI ProcessBook displays in PI Coresight display, but not edit them. This has been listed as an enhancement request which you can vote for at our user voice website:



    @ 47:14

    Q6: For JavaScript development can you use the new OOP ECMA script features?

    A6: This is currently not supported. 


    @ 48:13

    Q7: How do you set the update rate?

    A7: This is handled system-wide. In PI Coresight 2016 this parameter is stored in dbo.Settings table of the PI Coresight SQL database. In earlier versions it is stored in the %pihome%\Coresight\web.config file under the following entry:

    <add key="PISymbols_UpdateRate" value="5"/>


    @ 49:00

    Q8: Can I use Web API to read data vectors from a number of tags, do calculations in JS and display a resulting value on CS?

    A8: Yes. See the Q2&A2.


    @ 49:25

    Q9: How about writing data back to AF?  (archive values, event frames, etc..)

    A9: Yes. This can be done through PI Web API.  


    @ 50:25

    Q10: If a IIS Reset is required for every symbol added, what is the best way to reduce downtime impact to other users as we add these symbols?

    A10: Our recommendation is to develop symbols in a test development environment and then, deploy the results to the production environment. This way you will have to perform an iisreset only once and this will minimize the impact of development and testing.


    @ 51:52

    Q11: Is TypeScript supported when creating symbols?

    A11: No.


    @ 52:50

    Q12: Does IISReset require the indexes to be rebuilt for PI Coresight linked databases?

    A12: If you are talking about the PI Index Search databases, then no. The PI Coresight Extensibility Framework does not require the indexes to be rebuilt.


    Q13: Will we be able to set up symbols that can call external functions, such as SQL or WebAPI based applications?

    A13: Yes.


    Reserving space here for a couple more questions to come..