PI Developers Club Webinar Series: Introducing the PI Security Audit Tools

Video created by asorokina on Sep 5, 2016

    This is a re-recording of the PI Developers Club webinar "Introducing the PI Security Audit Tools:   A quick way to do a PI System security checkup" from August 31st, 2016


    The webinar demonstrates how to use the PI Security Audit Tools and how to contribute to the project.



    Special thanks to Harry Paul who couldn't join us for this event, and to Mathieu Hamel who wrote the first version of the PI Security Audit Tools.


    The slide deck for this webinar can be found here: PI Developers Club Webinar Series - Introducing the PI Security Audit Tools - a quick way to do a PI System security checkup.pdf



    • GitHub repository with the source code presented during the webinar:

              GitHub - osisoft/PI-Security-Audit-Tools: A framework to baseline the security configuration of your PI System. https://github.com/osisoft/PI-Security-Audit-Tools

    • PI Security Audit Tools Wiki with tutorials:

              Home · osisoft/PI-Security-Audit-Tools Wiki · GitHub

    • PI System Cyber Security page:

              PI System Cyber Security

    • PI Server Security YouTube playlist:

              Configure PI Server Security - YouTube 

    • GitHub desktop:

              GitHub Desktop - Simple collaboration from your desktop



    Q&A transcript


    Q1: Can this tool be run against remote servers?

    A1: Yes. Here is an example: Tutorial0: Run an audit (USERS)



    Q2: What kind of permissions does this tool require?

    A2: This tool doesn't do any modifications to the servers it is run against. However, it still requires elevated permissions when run locally. This is because some of the utilities (afdiag, for example) that are invoked internally require elevated permissions.



    Q3: Is there a direct link to GitHub from PI Developers Club?

    A3:  No. But we think it's a very good idea. We'll look into this.