Intro to PowerShell for the PI System

Video created by pmartin Employee on Apr 6, 2017



    How do you debug errors with Connect-PIDataArchive?

    Check the PI Server message logs to see what error is logged.  You can also use the Error Handling built in to this command.


    How did you learn PowerShell? Were there any roadblocks that could be avoided?

    I had an interest in learning command line tools and determined that PowerShell offered the best solution.  I then used Don Jones' videos to get comfortable using it.


    Are there any commands that should be run locally on the PI Data Archive instead of remotely?

    For administration type tasks, such as archive reprocessing, I prefer to run locally on the PI Data Archive machine but you are also able to run them remotely if necessary.


    How could I use the PowerShell Tools for the PI System to monitor the health of my PI System?

    Use the pillars we talked about during this presentation to find what's available to you.  You can also use the example script, Connections.ps1, to look at connected users.


    Is there an option to install the PowerShell Tools without installing SMT?

    It is bundled in the SMT install kit exclusively.  You can, however, choose not to install SMT and only install the PowerShell Tools as an option.


    What types of tasks does PowerShell save the most time over traditional methods?

    "Set it and forget it" type tasks are an area where PowerShell really shines.  Tasks like mass archive reprocessing where each step could take a while are greatly simplified. You won't have to monitor the progress -- let PowerShell work on a task and then move to the next one.


    What version of PI Data Archive is needed for the PowerShell Tools for the PI System to work?

    Need PSv3 or later, as well as PI Data Archive 3.4.380.x or later


    Are there plans to enhance example scripts over time?

    Not currently, but always looking for feedback and if the community would benefit from a certain example script, we are happy to provide them.


    What is the roadmap for the PowerShell Tools for the PI System

    As new features are added to PI and AF, they will be added to PowerShell Tools.  Minor features will be added as requests come in and not working on the new PI and AF features.


    If there is a method not available in the PowerShell Tools, should I use the AFSDK instead?

    First of all, if you find a method not included in PowerShell Tools, let us know so we can work to implement it. Secondly, since both PowerShell and AFSDK are based on .NET, you can load the AFSDK into PowerShell and run AFSDK methods from a PowerShell terminal or script.  To add to this, most of objects returned by AF cmdlets and AFSDK calls are the same, so can use PowerShell cmdlets on objects returned by AFSDK and vice versa.