Swap Related Asset Displays and Create a Collection

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    OSIsoft: PI Vision I Online Course – Swap Related Asset Displays and Create a Collection

    This document is an excerpt from the Visualizing PI System Data Workbook v2017


    Enhance PI Vision Displays with Advanced Features


    Reusing Displays for Multiple Assets

    PI Vision automatically finds and shows all assets related to the assets in a display. You can swap out these related Assets to reuse displays. Related assets are assets that are built on a common template.

    Swapping the related assets is done by choosing the Switch Asset drop-down list and choosing a related asset. This will be examined in the next exercise.




    Directed Activity – Graphics, Multi-State Behavior, Collections and Asset Tables in PI Vision

    You are invited to watch what the instructor is doing or perform the same steps at the same time to explore the different concepts presented in this chapter or section.



    • Add Graphics to the PI Vision display
    • Add Multi-State behavior in PI Vision
    • Create a Collection
    • Create an Asset Comparison Table


    Problem Description

    You need to have a dashboard to display key level information regarding all of your tanks. [KP1]



    Step 1 : Create a New Display

    Step 2 :    Open the Graphics Library view and find a tank graphic from the tank stencil group. Select a graphic then drag a rectangle on the display to create the symbol.

    Step 3 :    Add a Vertical Gauge for the Mixing Tank1 Level overlaid on the tank graphic.

    Step 4 :    Right-click on the Gauge, choose Add Multi-State…

    Step 5 :    Navigate in the Assets pane to Mixing Tank1 and find the External Temperature, drag and drop it onto the Multi-State Attribute pane

    Step 6 :    Change the state maximum values, Set the top state to blink by opening the color palette and selecting Blink

    Step 7 :    Add a Value symbol to the display above the tank graphic and the gauge for the Name of Mixing Tank1

    Step 8 :    Select all symbols on the display and Right Click choose Convert to Collection

    Step 9 :Right click on the new collection and choose Edit Collection Criteria…

    1. Expand Search Root and Enter Production Area, select the Return All Descendants checkbox
    2. Expand the Asset Type and add an Asset Attribute. Set the Level < 4

    Step 10 : Add an Asset Comparison Table containing the Asset Name and Installation Date for Mixing Tank1
    Step 11 : Navigate to Mixing Tank2 and drag the asset (element) onto the Asset Comparison Table, repeat for Storage Tank1 and Storage Tank2.
    Step 12 : Change the time of the display and see the entire display update dynamically.


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