Creating Analytics in Element Templates

Blog Post created by asoudek on Aug 31, 2016

How to prevent individual analyses starting when they are created from a template

I will bet that when you create an Analysis in an Element Template (prior to AF 2.8), you have the frustration that when you check-in, the Analysis then starts up for each of
the Elements that are created from that Template.  This is especially painful when you have dozens or hundreds of Elements, and you are not done with your final expressions in the Analysis.  You were just trying to save the work you had done until now and now you have to wait until all the instances of the Analysis starts up (which can take some time depending on the number of Elements), so you can then stop it again.  If you create an Analysis on an Element instead of a Template, you can click a stop button before you check-in and all is well.  However, I would discourage you from creating an Analysis on an Element instead of on a Template. 
So the best way to overcome this dilemma is described below.


For prior to AF 2.8

Here we have many compressors and want to create an Analysis to check the status of each compressor based on the gas flowrate.  We do not want the Analysis to start when checked-in because we may need to make changes to the expression before settling on the final version.  The trick is to create the Analysis, in this case Compressor Status, but not create any Variables or expressions.  See the Figures below.


Next we perform the check-in and navigate to the Analyses ribbon.  Click the A2a.jpgto refresh the page, and then select the filter to be Status and click on the Error selection.  Since the Compressor Status analysis doesn’t have an expression yet, all the instances are in an error state, and we can then select them all and click Stop checked analyses.

Now that the instances are disabled (stopped), we can navigate back to the Library ribbon where we can create your expressions for this Analysis and check-in at anytime.  When we are
ready to start all the instances, we can navigate to the Analyses ribbon, select the instances we want to start, and click the Start checked analyses.


For AF 2.8 and later

There is a new feature that makes this simpler to achieve.  Uncheck the checkbox Start analyses when created from a template.  Then when we do a Check In, the analyses will
not start until they are started manually.