Using Categories in Analytics

Blog Post created by asoudek on Aug 31, 2016

Categorizing your analyses will facilitate their management in the Analysis Console

One of my PI AF commandments is “Categories are your friend”.  By specifying a Category for each specific analysis it will be much easier for you to manage when
stopping/starting/backfilling analyses.  Also, remember that you can assign multiple Categories to an analysis.  The example below demonstrates the usefulness of Categories for analyses.


The following PI AF Database, named Refinery, has many analyses defined.  When we sort by Template, then we see the following:


However, we want to backfill all analyses that are doing simulations.  Therefore, the Analysis Template filter and the Status filter do not help since we would have to manually
select all the individual analyses (in this case, over 90 of them).  Categories to the rescue!  By adding a Simulation category to the appropriate Analyses, we can use the Category filter.


Now we can select all of these analyses by clicking the checkbox in the header to select all the Analyses based on the Simulation Category.  As you can see, this is much easier and simpler
to do.