Current State of LazyPI (WebAPI Client)

Blog Post created by Davidp809 on Feb 16, 2016

The LazyPI project was created to hopefully provide an API that feels more like the native AFSDK. The project has come along nicely and is ready for testing. Testing requires the development of Unit Tests and an access to a WebAPI server. The currently implement pieces should allow for basic management of AFElements, AFEventFrames, and AFAttributes. LazyPI will simplify interactions with the WebAPI and reduced required knowledge of WebAPIs.


Contributors Needed

Anyone that might be interested in helping to test or expand on the library please see the GitHub page. If you would be interested in contributing in any way please fill out this super short application.


Outstanding Tasks

  • Find and report bugs
  • Create Unit Tests for all implemented pieces
  • Implement "Controller" objects that are missing (ex. AFTable, Calculations)
  • Iron out design flaws



This code is still not ready for production as of Feb. 15, 2016. Please do not use LazyPI in its current state for important projects.