Elizabeth McErlean

PI Vision + Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS Beta

Blog Post created by Elizabeth McErlean Employee on Sep 25, 2017

This post was originally created to work for the Operations Dashboard 0.7 Beta. Please see the new post with updates for the released Operations Dashboard.


Are you using Esri's recently updated Operations Dashboard Beta with the new dashboard items? If so, you might be interested in how to integrate PI Vision into this new application.


The new Operations Dashboard supports HTML in some elements, and we can leverage that to embed PI Vision without a custom extension.


The simplest way to embed a PI Vision display into Operations Dashboard is to add a Rich Text element to the dashboard. This is a good option for displays that you do not need to update to reflect a change in feature selection, like a summary display.

1. In an opened dashboard with a map element already configured, highlight the Add + button in the top right corner to show the list of elements.

2. Click on the Rich Text item to add a configurable element to the dashboard.

3. Click the Source button to edit the HTML directly.

4. Type the following, but replace the value for src with the URL to a PI Vision display in your organization:

     <iframe height="400" id="MyFrame" name="MyFrame" runat="server" src="https://VisionServer/PIVision/#/Displays/10/Esri_States?hidetoolbar&hidetimebar" width="600"></iframe>

5. Click the Source button to exit the HTML editor and update the element preview. Then click the Done button in the bottom right corner to add the element to the dashboard. You should now see the PI Vision display.