PI Connector for UFL - Metadata information

Blog Post created by mhruzik Employee on Jun 5, 2018

Sometimes the data stream doesn't provide you with all the information you need. For example, timestamp or asset name is in the file name - fe.: "Device1_20180605.dat". Or with REST Server you can get an information about the sender node/application and IP. This article describes what metadata you can get in the PI Connector for UFL.


Table of all the keywords for meta information:

__DSNAMEThe name of the configured data source (on the connector administration page)
__DSDESCRIPTIONData source description  (on the connector administration page)
__DSADDRESSData source address  (on the connector administration page)
__MESSAGEThe content of the current message (line)
__STREAMINFOStream information (described below)



For the File channel, this variable has the following format: filename|modification date|creation date, for example: a.txt|07-Jun-2016 04:35:39.676|03-Jun-2016 02:51:31.173 (replaces PFN parameter in the UFL Interface)

For the REST server channel, this variable has the following format: Source IP Address|Port, for example:|5687

For the REST Client channel, the format is following: Endpoint address and server, for example:|nginx


How to parse meta information?

In the following example for File channel we parse all the meta information as static attributes and create an asset.

FIELD(1).Name = "FileName"
FIELD(2).Name = "TimestampCreated"
FIELD(2).Type = "DateTime"
FIELD(2).Format = "dd-MMM-yyyy hh:mm:ss.nnn",_
FIELD(3).Name = "TimestampModified"
FIELD(3).Type = "DateTime"
FIELD(3).Format = "dd-MMM-yyyy hh:mm:ss.nnn",_
FIELD(4).Name = "StatAttrCol"
FIELD(4).Type = "Collection"
FIELD(5).Name = "Temp"


Data.FILTER = C1=="*"

Temp = __MESSAGE
FileName = ["(*)|*"]
TimestampModified = ["*|(*)|*"]
TimestampCreated = ["*|*|(*)"]
__MESSAGE = Temp
StatAttrCol = Clear()

StatAttrCol = Add("Data Source name",__DSNAME)
StatAttrCol = Add("Data Source description",__DSDESCRIPTION)
StatAttrCol = Add("Data source address",__DSADDRESS)
StatAttrCol = Add("StreamInfo string",__STREAMINFO)
StatAttrCol = Add("Streamdata string",__MESSAGE)
StatAttrCol = Add("File name",FileName)
StatAttrCol = Add("File created",TimestampCreated)
StatAttrCol = Add("File modified",TimestampModified)
StatAttrCol = Add("Processing started",NOW())



The result: