Bryan Owen

Pubs with PI?

Blog Post created by Bryan Owen on Jan 20, 2009

Oregon has joined the “nerd bar” scene (a.k.a.  Science pubs).  Maybe this trend is just something else for Portlander’s to do when it’s raining. On the other hand, tech history is full of engineering designs sketched on napkins…some good and some that are quickly forgotten.


For sure it is quite rainy here, so the idea sparks some intrigue.  Fun at the pub while discussing solutions for global problems sounds ok.  Checking out the modern day equivalent of pen protectors and slide rules could also be interesting but alas, the substance would not real enough for me.


Now blogging about PI, that’s a different story.  I know folks are using PI to make plants run smarter: higher efficiency and yield; less waste and pollution; focusing maintenance and capital improvements; securing plants from cyber attacks…right on! The scene on vCampus is a way I can help and something I want to be a part of, so welcome to Bryan’s pub blog on PI!