[CU next UC]  See you at the next Users Conference?

Blog Post created by spilon on Feb 3, 2009

(Sorry for the word play  - or "acronym play"... I just couldn't resist )


More seriously... we would like to reiterate our invitation to our 20th Users Conference, taking place in San Francisco starting March 31st. You can review the details (there's been major changes!) and register for the event at www.osisoft.com/uc2009.


This year more than ever, we would be interested to hear about the impact of the current economic situation on your business and operations and discuss how PI can address the challenges you are facing now. Our upcoming Users Conference can perhaps help you, since a number of people - customer and partners of OSIsoft - will speak on this topic. If you have something to share which you feel would be beneficial for the whole commumity, please consider registering for own talk, using the "Call for Papers" link on the left-hand side of the link provided above.


We hope to see you and your colleagues at this event in a few weeks! We'll also make sure the members of the vCampus community meet and exchange around common interests!