Next vCampus Webinar: .NET Add-Ins to ProcessBook

Blog Post created by spilon on Feb 13, 2009



February 26th it is! Mark the date and register now!


With the help of a few eminent guest speakers, I'll be conducting the next of the vCampus-exclusive The Builders' Café webinar series: Programming .NET Add-Ins for PI ProcessBook.


This vCampus-exclusive webinar will present a side of PI ProcessBook that you may not know yet: automation and add-ins. In addition to presenting how to develop .NET add-ins to PI ProcessBook, this webinar will introduce a set of 4 sample add-ins from which you can start developing yours. Also, a live Q&A session will be held at the end of the webinar, for you to provide feedback or ask question to some of the people who made all this possible!


Guest speakers are:


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