AdHoc Calculations in RtWebparts (2)

Blog Post created by andreas on Mar 5, 2009

In my last post (AdHoc Calculations in RtWebparts (1)) I have shown you a simple dataset that takes a PE like expression and calculates it.
In RtBaseline Administration the Dataset would look like:


In this post I am going to show you how to use it in a very simple display.

The Web Part Page

  1. We create an empty web part page and add a Form web part AddFormWebPart.jpg to it.
  2. We add an RtTrend web part AddRtTrend.jpg.
  3. Now we connect the two web parts:

  4. The RtTrend needs to know where

    and what Information it gets from the Form WebPart:

  5. So we are ready to hit OK. As a first test let us try 'CDT158'+'SINUSOID'+1000:

  6. We finally have created a web part page where an end user can enter a PE formula and gets a trend of it!