Stack Overflow (AJAX Spray n' Wipe)

Blog Post created by cescamilla on Mar 9, 2009

How many of us have had a hard time staying up-to-date with all the things that come out each day? I bet all of us, imagine sending those trends on a day-to-day basis... oh, that should be hard.


So, how about that guy named Atlas? Yeah, the guy that was carrying the world wide web on his shoulders, wait... what??? what do you mean there was no WWW on his days? Ohhh, I see. I have found and now share with you a couple of links that will, hopefully, make your life easier, put you up to date, and make it for an overall better user experience using Ajax 2.0 with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5


You can find the Official AJAX.NET Homepage where you can get the latest version of this framework (and believe me, you so want to get it).


Maybe you'll need a little more convincing... I'm up for that challenge, and I'm presenting you a little bit more of eye candy in this ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit feel free to play with it, configure it, and fall in love with it. I really intended to put some screenshoots of this here, but it does not have the same feeling, you need to go there and see for yourself! Trust me on this one.


You will see something like this. See the big list on the left side? all of those are Controls! Go go go!


And last, but not least important, if you call now you can get all this for the incredible web-offered price of... hehehe, too much infomercials for me. You can get it for free, it does integrate well with Visual Studio, and a Microsoft team (plus a lot of external collaborators) are working to make this available for everyone to use, so... what are you waiting for? get to the download page and start using the ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit with your OSIsoft's SDKs! (Marketing told me to put that here. hehe.)


I hope you enjoy this, I'll be playing with these controls this week.


Stay tuned!




P.S. Just for a little bit ofbackground AJAX is a Web2.0 technology that allows changes in a webpage with a seamless refresh, it is becoming comonly used and is an acronim for 'Asynchronous JavaScript And XML', Atlas was the codename for the AJAX Control Toolkit.


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