UX Developers: here's Silverlight 3 Beta!

Blog Post created by spilon on Mar 19, 2009

If you've been reading in the "development blogosphere" lately, you probably heard about Microsoft's MIX09 conference going on as we speak read, which conference exposes the latest Microsoft technologies for web designers and developers. One of the key topics in that conference (31 sessions in 3 days!) is Silverlight 3 (beta). In my humble opinion, one of the most important new features is the out-of-browser experience, a highly requested featured which enables Silverlight 3 applications to run as desktop applications on Windows and Mac computers.


I don't pretend having better blogging skills than the 100's of bloggers talking about that , so what I suggest is that you read Tim Heuer's blog post on the topic. Tim works for Microsoft as a program manager for Silverlight, and I found this blog post to be the most complete and comprehensive on Silverlight 3. Happy reading!