[UC Post-Mortem] Great Users Conference Promises for a Rich Webinar on April 30th!

Blog Post created by spilon on Apr 7, 2009

The 2009 Users Conference
Lots announced - especially for 'data access'


That's it. It's over and it was, in my humble opinion, a frank success! Indeed, the 20th OSIsoft Users Conference was held last week in San Francisco and was rich in announcements and presentations of all kinds - especially in the 'Data Access' space.


vCampus was mentioned a number of times in the opening/closing keynotes, Cristobal (Escamilla) took care of the vCampus booth at the Product Expo and for my part, I gave a talk in the 'Data Access' track of the Product Theaters. Plus, anybody involved with vCampus - whether customer, partner or employee - had one of those cool vCampus "pins" on his/her name tag holder (let me tell you this drove curiosity and excitement for non-subscribers!).


It was really great to meet some of you in person and it was exciting to see how everybody else (i.e. non-members) was excited about the vCampus program! Registrations already started to feel this hype so this is good news for all of us: more content, more discussions, more everything!


For Those Who Could Not Attend the UC:
Next Webinar... Discoveries from UC2009 (April 30th)


Good news for those who could not attend the last Users Conference: we will hold a webinar to summarize what was announced during the event. A number of exciting news were communicated, a number of which pertain to the data access products (new products, new releases of existing products, etc.)   We feel it is important for PI developers to know about these and understand where we are going to make well-informed decisions. Ray Verhoeff, who is leading the 'Data Access' roadmap on the Engineering Leadership Team at OSIsoft, will make us the honor to join as a guest speaker.


The webinar is part of the vCampus-exclusive "Builders' Café Webinar Series" and is titled "Discoveries from UC2009". It is scheduled for April 30th at 9am Pacific Time and registration is already open, as you can see in the top-right corner of the vCampus Auditorium. Register Now!


vCampus Live!
(formely known as the OSIsoft Developers Conference, or DevCon)


Another very exciting announcement made last week was the "vCampus Live!" event, which can be thought of a revamped, redesigned Developers Conference (a.k.a. DevCon). This is a huge topic by itself so I don't want to talk too much about that here - stay tuned for future blog posts and announcements on this!