Sam Pride

vCampus - Australian Style!

Blog Post created by Sam Pride on Apr 17, 2009

The first 5 months of the vCampus have been very promising. We’ve already had plenty of great contributions from our user-base, from every corner of the globe. As such, the vCampus team have been looking for a team member from the AsiaPacific region. And they found me….

For those of you who have not met me, I’m based in the OSIsoft Australia office (In sunny Perth, Western Australia). I have been with the company for 3 years now, in a Field Service/Tech Support/Training role and really enjoy working with our customers and the challenges they face.

Before joining OSIsoft, I was a Software Engineer, both contracting out to various clients and as a .Net developer at a local communications company. During my time as a developer, I became quite involved with the local community and have always seen the benefits that user groups and networking provides. The lack of a developer/user community at OSIsoft was one of the first things I noticed when joining the team; I’m glad that vCampus has been established and even happier that I can be a part of it!

Keep a look out for me trolling the forums, responding when I can. I also have a few great ideas (at least I think so) in the pipeline, so “watch this space”. Feel free to email myself or the vCampus team any questions or comments and we’ll do our best to answer them in a prompt manner.