Who said writing a PI ACE Calculation in C# is not possible?

Blog Post created by spilon on May 13, 2009

Yes, you did read the title ok! I'm talking to you, C# programmers, who always dreamt of writing PI ACE Calculations in C# rather than VB.NET 


Please don't get me wrong: I'm not saying C# is better than VB.NET (nor am I suggesting the opposite...) - we simply acknowledge that people have their own preference in terms of programming language, and decided to prepare something for people who know the power of PI ACE and have a preference for C#. So here's what we have to suggest: we recently put together a Tutorial that guides the reader through creating PI ACE Calculations and writing the code in C#, whereas PI ACE normally allows you to write VB.NET code.


This simple thirty-some steps document was made available on the vCampus Library, under the "White Papers and Tutorials > PI ACE" branch. Note that this is a vCampus-exclusive document and is therefore not supported by OSIsoft's regular Technical Support; please use the PI ACE Development discussion forum to post questions you may have. As far as releasing a version of the PI ACE Wizard that supports C# natively, we are currently evaluating the possibilit - please provide your feedback on the forum mentioned above.


Enjoy and make sure you give me any feedback you may have (you can add comments to this very post or shoot me an email!)