Woo hoo, we reached the 1500 posts mark!   (and a quick word on OSIsoft vCampus Live!)

Blog Post created by spilon on Aug 21, 2009

Thanks to all of you who made the discussion forums active, we now have over 1500 posts on the discussion forums! With the launch of OSIsoft vCampus in mid-November 2008, that represents less than 200 business days and an average of 7.5 posts/day! I think this is great, especially when you think that the few first months were (obviously) less active... Thanks again and keep the questions and comments coming!


You might also have noticed I was less active on the forums these last days (thanks to Rhys, who covered for me! )... well I have an excuse for this - a good excuse that is: I was less active because I was with our "Events" team, helping at the preparation of the OSIsoft vCampus Live! event, our 'technology' event of the year (and the the years to come!).


Indeed, you might remember how our last Users Conference was made more "business-oriented", focusing on business and industry topics. Well, the "other half" of the conference - the technical half - is the OSIsoft vCampus Live! event. It will be held in...  actually, no... I won't be talking about this in my blog...  we created a new blog for that event, so make sure you check it out and subscribe to its RSS feed!


As you'll see on that blog during the coming days and weeks, we are looking forward to getting your thoughts, ideas and maybe even some of your code :))