Meet the new members of the PI Data Access family!

Blog Post created by jlakumb on Aug 26, 2009

Hi Folks! This is Jay Lakumb here. Welcome back to the PM Blog. You've come to the right place for current news and future plans regarding all PI products. Yes, we've been a little quiet lately. Too quiet. All that is about to change as we introduce not one, but two new products today...


First, a little about myself. I've been with OSIsoft for nearly 6 years, based in our San Leandro office. I started as the Dev Lead for PI WebParts then joined the PM team in 2007. I'm responsible for PI Data Access products (including all the ones represented on vCampus) as well as Microsoft Office integration (including DataLink and DataLink for Excel Services). I'm passionate about a few things: my 6-year old son (which parent isn't?), traveling, golf!, and delivering great software to our customers and partners.


Now on to the news of the day. As you probably know, we announced the availability of the PI Web Services Community Technology Preview (CTP) last month. As of this week, the VM is finally live. My colleague Steve blogged about it here and here. Feel free to try this out and let us know what you think. Considering your past, current, and future projects using web services, how well does PI Web Services match your needs? You can send feedback (questions, comments, or criticisms - be nice!) to betapiwebservices@osisoft.com, post in the Web Services and PI discussion forum, or just add a comment here on the PM blog.


The other piece of news, in advance of the webinar on Aug 26, is the availability of PI OPC UA Server CTP. Again, the VM is live and here is the URL:


Please send feedback to betaopcua@osisoft.com, post in the PI OPC Development forum, or add a comment here. We will be providing more info on how to access both of these data access tools at the webinar tomorrow. Look forward to seeing you there!


As a bonus, I'll pre-announce the availability of PI JDBC Driver 1.0 on vCampus. Keep your eyes open for the bits in the Download Center (later this week?). With the recent releases of 64-bit PI SDK, AF SDK, and PI OLEDB, this is an exciting year for enabling newer and better access to all the goodness in the PI System. I encourage you to stay tuned to this blog - we'll try to share more than once every 10 months... ;-)