Blog Post created by jlakumb on Sep 10, 2009

If you're monitoring the Engineering Plan on the Tech Support site, you may have noticed that we just announced a new major release - PI OLEDB 4.0. You might have also seen that we removed PI System OLEDB Provider 1.0. It turns out that all we did is combine the existing PI OLEDB 3.3 and the new PI System OLEDB 1.0 into one release called PI OLEDB 4.0.


We are doing this for several reasons:


1. PI OLEDB and PI System OLEDB Providers are complementary and will likely be used together in apps
2. Encourage current PI OLEDB customers to upgrade and use the AF functionality in PI System OLEDB
3. Simplify our product offering (this is a general strategy we are using across the PI infrastructure)


We hope this reduces the activation energy to allow your OLEDB apps to leverage both time-series data in PI with context metadata in AF.