New on OSIsoft vCampus Team

Blog Post created by hanyong Employee on Oct 20, 2009

I am new on the OSIsoft vCampus Team, based out of OSIsoft Asia, in the small island city of Singapore.


This is my 4th year with OSIsoft, where I spent my last 3 years in Field Service and Tech Support in the AsiaPac region, mostly China. What I enjoyed in these years is working customers/integrators and helping them to find means and ways to fulfill their requirements as much as possible. I joined OSIsoft fresh out of college, graduating as a Computer Engineer.


In my own experiences, I would say that OSIsoft Techsupport structure is doing a great job in providing users information and assistance about PI products and technologies, but given the nature of a technical support team, transfer of knowledge does not necessary spread out among the users. I like the concept of OSIsoft vCampus for encouraging more information sharing not just from OSIsoft to users and among users, and I am happy to be part of this initiative.   


I'll be using this space to share some of my thoughts and learnings about PI development and integration, and you will probably see more of my postings in the forum as well =)