AF Support in PI Data Access Tools

Blog Post created by jlakumb on Nov 5, 2009

I've been traveling quite a bit last month, visiting customers and presenting at our Regional Seminars in Atlanta and Raleigh. I'm also preparing for talks at OSIsoft vCampus Live!, so things have been busy toward the end of this year...


With all this going on, I wanted to take a moment to share our plans on AF support in PI Data Access Tools. As you know, we already have a couple ways to read/write AF data - AF SDK and PI OLEDB 4.0 (beta announcement is here).


It turns out, due to our JDBC-OLEDB bridge architecture, that PI JDBC will also support AF. In fact, the current PI JDBC Driver 1.0 can connect to PI OLEDB 4.0 Beta to access AF. All you need to do is specify "Provider=PISysOLEDB" in the connection string. (Note, this provider name may change in the PI OLEDB 4.0 release version).


Using PI JDBC 1.0 with PI OLEDB 4.0 provides same AF functionality as using PI OLEDB directly. This means vCampus folks can use PI JDBC now to access PI data, and be assured there is a path forward to access AF data as well.


UPDATE 11/6/09: For non-beta or non-dev systems, the recommended solution is to wait for PI JDBC 1.1 to use with PI OLEDB 4.0.  We plan to document, test, and support this combination of products.