Announcing the Event Frames CTP!

Blog Post created by ccoen on Dec 2, 2009

Today at OSIsoft's vCampus Live! conference we are announcing a milestone for our Event Frames initiative:  the release of the Community Technology Preview (CTP).


All the details of the CTP are in this document.


Event Frames is a new data type that is useful for storing events such as downtime, startups, environmental excursions, as well as batches.  In fact, any event with a start and an end time and other optional data (like the asset, or operator, or comment, or lot number) can take advantage of Event Frames for its storage.  Just like AF Elements provide context to the time-series data streams, Event Frames provides context to the actual time-series data.  For example, you can look up your last 5 equipment startups and use those times to see the associated time-series data.


This CTP milestone is our first release of Event Frames outside the walls of OSIsoft.  It provides the database, programmatic SDK, and management tools (PI System Explorer) for you to get started. See how you can use Event Frames in your applications.  As we progress to our next milestone, we'll post examples, thoughts and of course announcements here on this blog.


Have a question, a comment, a success story?  Please visit the Event Frames Development discussion forum and post it there.


We're looking forward to hearing your feedback!