Your donations at the event were really appreciated

Blog Post created by spilon on Dec 11, 2009

Those who were at the OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2009 event might remember that Matt Miller listed a number of charitable actions derived from the event, in the closing session. One of those was the possibility for attendees to donate their giveaway OSIsoft jacket to Institute on Aging, an organization that helps senior of the San Francisco area live independently. As a result, 21 jackets were donated by our generous attendees. We'd like to share a note we received from the Institute upon receiving the donations:


Just wanted to let you both know that the Institute on Aging was really happy to receive the OSIsoft coats.  The timing is perfect because they are in the midst of a huge coat drive for bay area seniors and the SF poor.  The OSIsoft fleeces are perfect for the SF weather (especially this week).   Rudy at the IOA said it’s one of the best gifts you can give – warmth.


Thank you!