Yahoooooo, let's start Event Framing!!!!

Blog Post created by cnelson on Dec 16, 2009



For those of you who know me, hopefully you can get an understanding of  how excited I am with this Event Frame CTP announcement.  I am generally an excitable person, but I really get excited when discussing Event Correlation Analysis and that's exactly what Event Frames is meant to enable within the PI System.  There have already been some questions on what we are trying to accomplish with Event Frames, I'd like to shamelessly plagiarize from my good buddy Chris Coen who is much better at speaking (and writing) English than myself:




"Event Frames allow you to name, store, organize, search and analyze important time periods.  That way you can study the real-time and external data that happened during or led up to these events without needing to first look up the time ranges.  PI does that for you.  It's like a way of indexing the supporting real-time data so you can look it up in terms of your business rather than by trying to remember the time periods when they occurred." 




First we need to have a level setting discussion; i.e. is this production ready code?  This CTP is a great milestone for the Event Frames Initiative and I don't want to understate its importance; but there is still a lot of development work that needs to be completed before there is a production release of  Event Frames worthy of the OSIsoft name.  This will be the subject of future posts!




The Event Frames team has dedicated the past three years working with numerous customers and partners to feed product requirements, use cases, and user scenarios.  We've used this information to create this initial CTP and we would like to politely focus your attention in two areas 1) General Event Frame Functionality and 2)  Object Model Data Access.  We are working on a lot of other areas, but these two are the main focus of this CTP.




The first thing you will need to accomplish is creating Event Frames.  In order to get your creative juices flowing, I've created a simple Event Frame Simulator Application.  I will be demonstrating this simulator during the Event Frames webinar; but I wanted to share the code in order for you to get a jump start on using Event Frames.  We also used this simulator for the Event Frames Learning Lab at the OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2009 event(Which by the way was a fantastic event.  I've been to every OSI conference or event since 1997, except for 2 because of my wedding and my daughter's birth and this was one of the best I've ever attended) .




The Event Frames Simulator will create Downtime Event Frames on Elements based on a chosen Element/Event Frame Template and/or Element Category.  Although the simulator is initially focused on downtimes; I have made it flexible so you can use other Templates in order to experiment with the functionality.  The Simulator can be found here.  




Important to note that the primary User Interface for this CTP is PI System Explorer.  Event Frames functionality is fully documented within AF 2.1 User Manuals and Help files.




That's all I have for now.  I invite you to experiment with Event Frames in AF 2.1 and please provide us with your feedback on the Event Frames Development discussion forum.  We will be checking it!




PS - If I may ask; okay I will - The Event Frames team is extremely interested in hearing your ideas on User Experience!!  As I said in the beginning; I'm a big proponent of Event Correlation Analysis and Event Frames enable this by providing the time duration.  I'm really interested to hear ideas from our customers and partners.  Maybe that's a good idea for a discussion post, HINT, HINT!!!!