Hello?  Is This Thing On? Yes, yes, It IS.

Blog Post created by smohr on Jan 5, 2010

If you attended OSIsoft vCampus Live!, you know we've been at work revising the PI WS interface.  What you don't know, unless you tried to access the old CTP recently, is that the new interface is running on the CTP site in place of the old CTP.  First, go to the vCampus Library and look over the documentation for the revised interface.  If you follow the link, look for the vCampus PI Products Kit>Data Access Products path.  The document you want is "PI Web Services -- Revised Interface".


Fired up and ready to test the service?  The WSDL is found at (remember, the host requires the explicit IP address, so the WSDL is static) and will point you to the actual endpoint PITimeSeries.svc.  Go try it out and let us know what you think about the interface!