More about OSIsoft vCampus All-Stars

Blog Post created by mmiller on Jan 11, 2010

One of the exciting announcements made at the OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2009 event was the "OSIsoft vCampus All-Star" Program - similar to Microsoft MVP, that recognizes the highest contributors to the community.


As a community it is important to get dedicated members involved with driving the direction of the community.  A handful of members were contributing at the level of our OSIsoft vCampus Team Staff, so we thought why not give them the same community position.  Make them Honorary Team Members, with the same privileges (don't worry they won't get the extra work parts).  The elected nominees will be announced at OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 and will benefit from the following:

  • Personal blog
  • Forum moderator privileges
  • Free admission to the OSIsoft Users Conference and OSIsoft vCampus Live! events in the next year.
  • Option to take part in the OSIsoft vCampus Team weekly meetings
  • Free 1-year subscription or renewal to OSIsoft vCampus
  • vCampus All-Star Gift Pack (surprise)

So how does someone become an All-Star?  Start by becoming an active member and use the community  to help you add more value to your PI System, then give some of that knowledge back to the community.  If others get value from your input they will nominate you as a OSIsioft vCampus All-Star.  In July 2010 we'll open a community-wide nomination to select the All-Stars.  The All-Stars will be announced at next year's vCampus Live! and spotlighted at both Users Conference OSIsoft vCampus Live! events (April 26th-28th and September 13th-15th, respectively).

  • OSIsoft vCampus Members nominate All-Stars based on their overall contribution to the community
  • Contribution is based on the number and quality of posts into the community
  • A selection committee comprised of OSIsoft vCampus Team Members, Product Managers and All-Stars will select All-Stars for the following year from those nominated

So, we invite all of you to actively participate in the community. Share your knowledge and give your feedback.  Like all communities if everyone adds a little bit, the whole community becomes enriched.