Perhaps you've heard a rumor...

Blog Post created by smohr Employee on Feb 18, 2010

Some comments on the discussion forum say that OSIsoft's Silverlight applications do not use PI Web Services for data access.  We have one forthcoming Silverlight application that could have used PI Web Services but does not.  Why?


The main reason our Silverlight application is not using PI Web Services is that that data feed can be focused precisely on the needs of the classes consuming the data in the Silverlight application.  This is a good result  for the application, but a bad fit for a product, i.e., PI Web Services, that is intended as a general purpose product consumed by all sorts of clients.  Both the custom data layer and PI Web Services share an implementation layer in common; indeed, PI Web Services relies largely on this layer for its implementation.  The end result is that consumers of PI Web Services and the PI Silverlight application will receive the same behavior and data results.  Only the interfaces are different.