Shaping YOUR OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 Event

Blog Post created by mmiller on May 14, 2010

The date and place are set. This year’s event is going to be held September 13th & 14th at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. That’s a couple months away—but right now, you can ensure that vCampus Live! 2010 includes the topics that are “must do” for you.


During the next few weeks the vCampus Event Team will finalize this agenda. We pull content from two places: OSIsoft development & technical staff and the vCampus Community to define the topics and shape the features of the conference.


We pored over last year’s feedback and want to throw out some suggestions:

  • What if we aligned the topics around what technical challenges you are faced with?
  • What about offering learning labs BOTH the day before and after? This would allow for greater flexibility of travel, especially for those traveling internationally.
  • Would you sign up for one-on-one development architecture consults with leading developers and technologists?. These would provide you an opportunity to explore issues arising in sensitive areas of your projects.
  • Would you like joint presentations from OSIsoft partners on key technologies (like Microsoft and SAP)? If so, about what topics?
  • Should we have Technology Roundtables this year? There are a couple things we want to improve from last year, but many felt they can provide great value.
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have a few joint presentations with vCampus members (you) and OSIsoft on some key topics?
  • Are you interested in a few extreme code reviews this year?

OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 is a user-driven event—this means it needs active participation by our community. Are you interested in presenting? Do you have something you would like to share? Those who present have their attendance fee waived, making it even easier to attend, along with the respect of peers and colleagues. We’re looking for technical stuff (whether its programming related or not) that focus on the "how" to get value out of our products.


Join the online discussion and share your ideas.


This year we will also recognize the most helpful members in our community. Look for vCampus All-Star Awards to be announced and honored.


We’ll see you where the PI geeks meet!


The OSIsoft vCampus Live! Team