PI Analytics - August 2010 - What's going on?

Blog Post created by gmoffett Employee on Aug 25, 2010



PI ACE 2010 continues towards release - with a beta available here on vCampus in the vCampus download center > pre-release category. PI ACE 2010 includes support for multiple schedulers, native 64bit and Visual Studio 2010 along with performance enhancents.
Over on the PI ACE discussion forum, there is a thread - ACE talk at vCampus 2010 - Got Ideas? - requesting input on what ACE content you would like to see and hear at vCampus Live 2010!


Development is almost feature complete, documentation and testing continue for PI for StreamInsight. PI for StreamInsight are adapters for Microsoft StreamInsight, enabling data access to the PI System for application developers. vCampus Live 2010 will include a talk about StreamInsight where after a quick overview we plan to show examples of how PI for StreamInsight Adapters can be used with StreamInsight. There is a webinar available from earlier this year which provides an overview and a CTP available in the vCampus download center > pre-release category.


Pondering what a LINQ query is and how you would do a sample query to get a count of events so that you could write the value to PI? An example snippet of .NET C# code that makes a LINQ has been posted on the PI for StreamInsight discussion forum.


There is also work ongoing in the Analtyics space related to Configured Analytics, nothing additional to share publicly at this time, just to let you know!


Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management