Ahmad Fattahi

Got Energy?!

Blog Post created by Ahmad Fattahi Employee on Oct 6, 2010

Hello everyone! The great OSIsoft vCampus community is making several lively and vivacious moves in different fronts.


We are about to kick off two very exciting Community Projects very soon. One talks extensively about using PI for StreamInsight through several examples; this is being offered by GregDouglas. The other one creates a matrix view add-in to PI ProcessBook and is being done by wpurrer .


There is at least one more proposal on the table that concerns predictive analytics and preemptive maintenance. We will make its announcements in due time.


If you have any interesting ideas in the form of a project that you would like to share with the community drop us a line or start a discussion thread in the forums so we can get the ball rolling fast


Also, there is this interesting discussion thread started by Kenneth Rice on ways to address everybody's questions faster and more efficiently in the community. Either if you are a newbie to PI development and OSIsoft vCampus or a seasoned PI developer you may need to know where to look for certain information in vCampus. Please cast your ideas on the thread and share what you think is the best way to get everyone up to speed.