PI SDK 2010 CTP is now available

Blog Post created by jlakumb on Oct 19, 2010

For those of you who attended our OSIsoft vCampus Live! session on "New to PI SDK and AF SDK 2010", we announced the Community Technology Preview (CTP) of PI SDK 2010, which is now available in the "Pre-Release" area of the vCampus Download Center.  This major release includes two key features known as PI SDK Buffering and Fanning.  In a nutshell, PI SDK Buffering allows certain writes to the PI Server/Collective to be buffered when the network connection is lost.  On the other hand, PI SDK Fanning supports writing to all members of an HA PI Collective.  Taken together, these features enable custom PI SDK-based applications to write data to PI, similar to PI API-based PI Interfaces.  Note that it also enables PI OLEDB-, PI JDBC-, and PI Web Services-based applications to buffer and fan data (since these PI Data Access products all communicate to PI through the PI SDK).


It is important to note that this functionality is targeted for a specific use case: applications that insert new data into PI.  Additionally, PI SDK 2010 will have limited support for editing existing data or entering annotations, and can only write to one PI Server or PI Collective.  In some cases, manual entry applications like PI Manual Logger or PI DataLink (using the PIPutVal macro) may work with buffering and fanning, although a future release of PI SDK will include more capabilities for these scenarios.  We realize manual entry is a significant use case for you and we believe the scope of this initial release offers significant value.  However, there was just too much involved in both PI SDK and PI Buffer Subsystem (PIBufSS, which PI SDK 2010 leverages) for us to tackle it all.  Rest assured that we are aware of the need and will continue to enhance PI SDK Buffering/Fanning going forward.


That said, we know there are some folks who have developed custom applications and will benefit from PI SDK Buffering/Fanning, so we want to make this available for testing as soon as possible.  We would like to encourage you to check out the complete list of features in the "Introducing PI SDK Buffering" document in the vCampus Library (under vCampus PI Products Kits > Data Access Technologies), then try out the CTP bits with your application and send all feedback to BetaPISDK@osisoft.com.  Also, please join us for the PI SDK 2010 CTP webinar at the end of October to learn more about this exciting release.


We look forward to seeing you at the webinar and hearing your feedback...


UPDATE 11/3/10: We all love getting something for free.  In that spirit, I have some good news to share!  It turns out that SDK Buffering will actually significantly improve the performance for applications that write to PI.  Check out this discussion thread for more details.  The real question is what does this mean for your application?  We encourage you to try this and find out, then report your results here.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised.