Ahmad Fattahi

PI in the Post-PC era?

Blog Post created by Ahmad Fattahi Employee on Oct 26, 2010

Microsoft's chief architect, Ray Ozzie, just released this memo about the world after PCs. In a nutshell it signifies the fact that a lot of activities in the software world will be shifted to the Cloud and will be offered as a service. He calls it the dawn of a new day.


OSIsoft does offer its Network Operating Center (NOC) services to its enterprise customers to monitor their PI System on the web 24/7. That is the closest we have come to offering a web-based service to our customers. There is a long gap between this and a full-fledged Cloud-based PI System.


As the community on the cutting edge of PI development and integration, what do you think of offering PI as a service in the Cloud? What are the potential opportunities? How about the challenges? What would it take to win the trust of customers to let someone else host their PI System? How would you envision the interaction between the PI System and data sources in the plants? Would it provide a good opportunity for our partners? Share your ideas with us.