3rd party appstore

Blog Post created by MichaelvdV@Atos on Nov 8, 2010

About a year ago, our fellow vCampus member MOH M ERIGH opened a thread about a 3rd party vCampus appstore.


Since then, a lot of good discussion has evolved around this subject. Personally, I really like the idea of 3rd party companies (or individuals) to have the opportunity to offer applications to other OSIsoft partners and customers.


I’m pleased to announce the initial development of a OSIsoft Appstore. Please note that this is purely the technical development. The procedural and legal issues involved have not been addressed.


The main idea behind this development is simple: let’s make a practical start implementing this idea.


You can find the development version here:


http://vcampusappstore.cloudapp.net/ [Silverlight 4]


For the Cloud fans here: it’s a Windows Azure Cloud application, that uses SQL Azure for the backend, and Silverlight 4 for the frontend. It was hacked together over the weekend, so understandibly, it's not at all done yet.


At this point it’s populated with some mock data. The usage is pretty simple. On the left side you have the ability to browse through categories (or select ‘companies’  to browse by company). On the right upper pane, you will find all the products that belong to the selection. On the right pane, you will find the detailed information about the product. If you want to order a product, you are presented with a form to fill out. You can ask question to the owner in the same way.


Note: not all product categories have products in this mockup J


I’m hoping this will be received with enthusiasm. I’m not trying to hijack the idea here, it’s just to make a start with creating a 3rd party OSIsoft appstore.


I would like to invite everyone to have a look, and give your reaction. Maybe it will be time to further crystallize the idea and set up specifications.


I haven’t looked at any of the legal stuff, but my initial thought would be that this is just a marketplace to bring customers and companies together. Information about the product and ordering the product is a deal between the costumer and the company.


EDIT: The application can be offline or faulting sometimes. This is because I'm developing in the same instance. I hope to resolve this asap.


EDIT2: Updates on the development progress can be found at [DEAD LINK] http://vcampus.osisoft.com/forums/p/1492/7666.aspx#7666