Future of Silverlight Starts Now

Blog Post created by spilon on Nov 15, 2010

Hey there! Sorry it's been a while since I last blogged... OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 and the transition from the vCampus Team to Product Management made the last couple months pretty busy!


As you may have noticed on the blogosphere lately, the "HTML5 vs. Silverlight" debate has been keeping people pretty busy too... actually, we also had our share of that debate over here, on vCampus. As I pointed out a couple times in this discussion thread I just linked, Microsoft still considers Silverlight very important and wishes to entertain development around both HTML5 and Silverlight.


As a matter of fact, we just received this invitation for a special event, from our contacts at Microsoft:


UPDATE: I got this "Questions & Answers" document from Microsoft, after I blogged about this. Hope this helps!




I'm assuming we'll see good discussion on the forums again, after the event