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Blog Post created by skwan on Nov 24, 2010

So, this is my first blog at vCampus.  Actually this is my first blog ever, anywhere .  First a quick introduction, my name is Steve Kwan and I'm the Product Manager for AF.  I joined OSIsoft back in June this year (2010) and I have to say I'm very fortunate to work with a smart and talented group of people at OSIsoft.  I was met some of you vCampus members at the vCampus Live! event a few months ago and I've been trying to get smarter by following the vCampus community via forums and such.  I have to say I'm amazed by the experience and expertise of the vCampus community.


As you may already learned by my post on vCampus last week, AF 2010 R2 was posted as a Community Technology Preview (CTP) for the vCampus community.  AF 2010 R2 would be the first AF release that I'm involved with at OSIsoft as product manager.  I am fortunate enough to have a great bunch of very smarts people developing what I feel is an extremely important piece of software as we move the PI System from a tag centric world to an asset centric world.  I have already seen some great work produced by OSIsoft's partners, system integrators, etc. that leverage the features and functions of AF.  I'm proud to be part of this evolution.


AF 2010 R2 will provide to you a very important piece of software, the AF Builder.  For many people, it will be the primary way to interact with AF.  Our work is not complete, there are many features and functions of AF that aren't yet supported by the AF Builder.  We will continue to improve on it, hopefully with your feedback and encouragement.  AF 2010 R2 also includes a whole slew of fixed and enhancements that are spelled out in the released notes.  Please consult these release notes for additional details.  As of this time, we're looking at releasing AF 2010 R2 some time towards the latter part of December.


We release CTP to the vCampus community for several reasons.  First off, you deserve the opportunity to be the first to try out the latest and greatest.  More importantly, I know you won't be bashful in providing useful feedback to us to improve the software.  So don't be shy, give it a try and by all means, provide to us any feedback that you may have via forum postings or emails.  You are welcome to email and myself at


Looking ahead past AF 2010 R2 into 2011, we have plans to add a bunch of features and enhancements to AF.  Many other OSIsoft products will be released based on the infrastructure AF provides.  Stay tuned, myself and the other product managers will keep you updated.  For a sneak peak, please visit our PI Product Roadmap webpage at:


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Steve Kwan