Sam Pride

I'm Back! Did you miss me?

Blog Post created by Sam Pride on Dec 2, 2010

After 15 months "out in the wild", I've returned to OSIsoft to start a new life as a Centre Of Excellence Engineer !!


It's great to be back, I've missed vCampus (I wasn't as successful as I thought I could  be in convincing my last post to give me a vCampus license). But wow, this place has grown over the last year and it's certainly been in great hands. I've learnt a lot whilst I was away and hope to do so as a member of the CoE team. You can be certain, anything I learn will find it's way here (just don't tell my boss!). As a CoE engineer, I'm on the cutting edge of PI technology and get to play with some really interesting PI implementations. What more can a PI Geek ask for?


Again, great to be back. You'll see me lurking on the forums, responding when I can, and blogging here when I have something of interest. You might also see me at the vCampus, UC and regional conferences, so be certain to come and say hello! As always, happy to respond to questions, comments either to the forum/blog post or by email: