An Introduction

Blog Post created by richard Employee on Dec 14, 2010

I have been deliberating starting this blog for over a year (where has the time gone?) There are many exciting and relevant topics which cross my desk (or my mind) every day which impact our product and business direction. My goal is to use this forum to share my thoughts on many of these topics, current or at least interesting issues related to our product architecture. The nice thing about that goal is that “product architecture” pretty much means “everything” – how’s that for license – though maybe not poetic.


For those who don’t know me, I have been with Oil Systems Incorporated, oh…I mean OSISoftware, Inc.,…wait, OSIsoft, Inc…no, I’ll get this right…OSIsoft, LLC. for almost 21 years. I was fortunate enough to have returned from living in Lund, Sweden just in time to settle in at 545 Estudillo Ave. (the origin of port 5450) before our very first User’s Conference in 1990. Since then I have been privileged to work with some amazing people and wonderful customers and partners in various capacities as part of our software engineering department.


Today I serve as one of four “Directors of Engineering” (which make up our Engineering Leadership Team, ELT) where I act as our Lead Architect look across the entire product line and various cross cutting aspects like Security, Quality, Localization, Documentation, Conceptual Integrity, Managed Services, Setup/Installation and anything else that comes up that spans the main product areas (Servers, Clients, Interfaces and Data Access, Services).


I am also spending time on our Technical Steering Committee. This group which I once chaired, consists of members from a cross section of departments (Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, Engineering) who together look at the long term product vision and direction and annually produce an updated Product Development Roadmap. As much fun as that is, I will soon be stepping away from this committee to lead up some next generation research and development which I will start writing about sometime in January or February as soon as I have cleared things with legal…you know how that goes.


So that’s me and what this blog is about. I am very interested in everything from low level bit twiddling to philosophy of information sciences to management theory to theories and applications of machine intelligence. I read constantly and I will probably share relevant references as they come up. Clearly I am also passionate about the PI System, our users and partners and how to make products that delight those who use them.


While this is “my blog”, I encourage a dia(b)log. I hope to hear from you with any topics you might like to see me cover or to just share any thoughts or experiences this inspires. Since this is a permission based forum I can be fairly liberal is what I share and express (anything that doesn’t require NDA that is.) In my next post I will take on the topic of the PI System Installation Experience.