OSIsoft User Conference 2011 - the good and the bad.

Blog Post created by RJKSolutions on Apr 6, 2011

I have a spare 5 minutes on my hands, well I don't actually but thought I would multi-task for the next 5 minutes, to dump my thoughts from this years Users Conference...the good and the bad.




Firstly the "official" announcement of PI Coresight.  Well it looks awesome with some very slick functionality and I especially love the trend object!  I can see it becoming very well adopted, let's hope OSIsoft don't forget to add extensibility in future versions.  There are a few bits I would change but as it was a sneak peak of it in action I will reserve final judgement until a version is in production.  One overwhelming criticism would be the name "PI Coresight", not a good name but hey, it makes up in functionality what it lacks in marketing.  (I don't have a better name suggestion right now )




Secondly StreamInsight.  I have been sitting on the fence for some time on this topic but have now fallen off on the StreamInsight side.  After talking a lot at the conference about it and seeing the presentations it now has my attention (a good thing??).  It will son be time to flood the discussion forums with questions.




vCampus. I think Ahmad, Lonnie and I gave a great presentation on the benefits of vCampus as well as the community aspect...was good to meet some of the other vCampus members too.  There were two presentations at the User Conference that I thought were very good and it turns out they were both from two of our vCampus members.  


Mike Loira's presentation was excellent, it was clear to see where his projects with PI are heading, how vCampus has helped him along the way and interesting to learn some details about the Steel industry - worth a watch when the presentations are released.


The other presentation was Michal Halhead's presentation and his use of AF & data validation.  Very interesting presentation and an example of how to use AF as an execellent layer in your architecture.  I have recently worked on some overlapping themes (Instrumentation, SPI (Intools), AF calculation scheduling,...) so good to see how others have tackled the same issues.




It was great to meet some OSIsoft staff that I have been bugging recently like Denis Vacher, Charlie Henze, Laurie Dieffenbach and our very own Ahmad - I didn't manage to hunt down some of the others on my hit list because there were so many people at the conference!




The charity poker night was another highlight for me personally because I am by no means a poker player but some how found myself on the final table and finishing 4th!  It was all in aid of charity and I believe we all managed to raise around $14,000!!  (Does someone from OSIsoft have the picture that Dave Roberts took?)




I thought I would finish of with my criticisms...the 30th anniversary celebration was, well, a bit disappointing.  I thought there would be more of a celebration considering the 30 years of OSIsoft existence but it never seemed to get going.  Also, I thought the Sputnik video was a strange addition to the closing talks in my honest opinion.




All in all another great conference but maybe 2010 was better than 2011.