21 Years of User’s Conferences–30 Years of Oil Systems Inc.

Blog Post created by richard Employee on Apr 10, 2011

I used to be able to recite the venue and theme for every conference until about 5 years ago when some of them started to blur together. When I started the employee count was in the low teens. I had just moved back from Lund, Sweden where I had sought refuge after my undergraduate years in Berkeley…little did I know that 21 years later I’d still be here in the Bay Area, losing track of the details of my history – but hey, I’m a big picture guy and it is not lost on me that the big aspects of "Oil Systems, Inc.” that convinced me that here is where I belonged are still the same key aspects of OSIsoft, LLC, that keep me here, excited to wake up every day to work with amazing colleagues, inspiring customer and partners to continue creating and innovating software that makes a difference in the world. I was about to list these aspects, but they almost seem cliché, except that they are genuinely true. For example, why doesn’t OSIsoft, LLC put a premium on schedule for software releases – because that premium would be at odds with the premium we put on focusing all our effort on customers in resolving the inevitable problems that arise. I love that we are customer driven and technology driven – when it comes to our surface we are, well, a bit geeky…right? I love that. I love that I work with passionate and brilliant people – every day grinding through details of the day to day while floating in conceptual clouds imagining and creating the future - better ways to bring the value of the PI System to those who can use it to make a difference in there world.


Ok, love fest over…I’ll get technical next time. By the way, everyone I saw and didn’t see in San Francisco this year, I am completely inspired and motivated for another year…I hope you all are too…see you next year (if not sooner)!