PI for StreamInsight Update

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PI for StreamInsight is new functionality from OSIsoft enabling analytics on PI data using Microsoft StreamInsight an event processing engine. PI for StreamInsight includes what are called adapters in MIcrosoft StreamInsight terminology that allow PI events to be used in StreamInsight queries and StreamInsight events to be written back to the PI System.


The current status is that we have finalized all features and are continiuing to test and work on remaining known issues prior to release.


One item we are working on is that for long running queries we are seeing an intermittent (or more appropriately rare!) issue whereby we attempt to process an invalid event


Obviously we can't release with this issue, so once we have this resolved we'll be in a better position to estimate the actual release date.


For reference our Product Roadmap provides information on timelines for release of our products, including our target for PI for StreamInsight:


At the OSIsoft 2011 User Conference there was a presentation on PI for StreamInsight and there is also a vCampus webinar from last year available also for more information


There is a pre-release version of PI for StreamInsight available in the downloads section of vCampus and thanks to those customers who have already downloaded and provided feedback.


We plan to post another CTP (pre-release) version update later this month for vCampus members


Also, over in the discussion hall we have a forum for StreamInsight


Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management