PI OLEDB Enterprise 2010 R2

Blog Post created by spilon on Apr 20, 2011

To all the OLEDB developers and integrators out there, I am pleased to announce that PI OLEDB Enterprise 2010 R2 is now released! You can go get it now under the vCampus Download Center, in the "PI Data Access" area.


This release addresses important limitations of some 3rd party consumers that have problems with (or simply do not support) OLE DB providers that include .NET code. These limitations were overcome by separating the .NET code from the provider using a new developed Windows Service called "PI OLEDB Enterprise Agent", which executes all .NET calls. As a result, additional consumers and configurations are now working - for instance Linked Servers in Microsoft SQL Server, with "Allow inprocess" configuration (yes, just that!)


This version also features the following:

  • New "Allow Expensive" initialization property and new "OPTION (ALLOW EXPENSIVE)" clause allow to execute expensive queries (i.e. some unrestricted, or WHERE-less queries)
  • Performance enhancements in reading AF Attribute values (up to 30%)
  • Changes in menu structure of PI SQL Commander to better integrate with Visual Studio Framework

But wait, we're not done yet, I've got other good news for you: this version bundles the recently released patches for PI SDK ( and AF Client (2.3.1). You can read their respective release notes for all the juicy details, but one key item this addresses is the incompatibility between the latest release of the classic PI OLEDB Provider ( and the PI SDK version - this is referred to as Known Issue #22196OSI8 and was discussed at length on the vCampus forums... well, it's fixed now!


Now head down on the next big release of PI OLEDB Enterprise, which will include Event Frames functionality!
Stay tuned and happy OLEDB'ing!