Who needs a smartphone when you have a piece of paper.

Blog Post created by RJKSolutions on May 9, 2011

Okay, so my title may be a little misleading to get your attention but hey, if your reading this then it worked.


In my usual weekly routine I spend a little bit of "me time" to scour the latest innovative ideas, technology and general goings-on in the world and came across a prototype of a "PaperPhone".  To be exact, the title of the research paper read:


PaperPhone: Understanding the Use of Bend Gestures in Mobile Devices with Flexible Electronic Paper Displays 


This naturally got me thinking about PI on smartphones and some of the recent discussions that were posted on the forums.  In the "old days" (not sure if I am part of that bracket just yet) people used to collect data on paper writing down their observations.  Then that paper collected data is entered in to PI via applications and interfaces, such as PI Manual Logger.  Fast forward a couple more years and everyone is carrying around hand held devices running PI Manual Logger Mobile to scan barcodes (although RFIDs would be nice) etc to collect their data and automatically sync with PI.  What if the whole collection process went full circle to the data being collected on paper once again, only this time that piece of (electronic) paper is running "PI Manual Logger 2016 R2"!


I haven't quite figured out what the "bend gesture" for the "next tag in the tour run" would look like so ideas are welcome!  Also, if you make a mistake then don't screw up the paper and throw it in the bin, I am sure this paper costs a lot more than regular paper.